Solution as a Service

Solution as a Service (SolaaS) offers businesses a groundbreaking way to leverage their data and ensure successful analysis. SolaaS combines powerful analytics software with a highly trained team of data experts intent on providing businesses with extraordinary insights.

To understand the benefits of SolaaS, it helps to imagine an inverted pyramid of cloud computing services – the layers of which increase in value for an end user as we move from bottom to top. At the foundation of the pyramid, we have Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), meaning a third-party provider that hosts virtualized computing resources. Above IaaS is Platform as a Service (PaaS), which provides customers with a platform upon which they can manage, run, or build web applications. On top of PaaS, you'll find Software as a Service (SaaS), which, simply put, is the ability to access software via the internet.

Finally, at the top of the pyramid, we find SolaaS. Think of SolaaS as a value-add on top of SaaS. To fulfill this promise, SolaaS combines powerful underlying SaaS products with a capable team of data scientists who help businesses best leverage the software's power.

With this definition, SolaaS becomes more than an augmentation of your team. When you tap into SolaaS, you're not just getting access to software; you're getting access to software and talented people. This combination of people and software offers a true – and powerful – solution.

SolaaS grants you the benefits of a data science team that intimately knows the analysis software – people asking the right questions, sifting through data, and presenting data in such a way that you can use it to your advantage and make informed business decisions. Meanwhile, it allows your in-house talent to focus on other high-value tasks.

SolaaS delivers every element required for an end-to-end data analysis solution. PolyVista delivers this service as a subscription or on a project-by-project basis to ensure that customers are not weighed down by the heavy costs associated with setting up an in-house solution. This next generation of service delivery allows clients to experience the benefits of a fully functioning data science department without any of the start-up costs.

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