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Social Media Analytics

Social data is all around us – from blog posts to Tweets and everything in between. For today's businesses, the question is no longer whether you're using social media. Instead, it's all about how you use social data to improve the customer experience (CX) and gain a competitive edge.

Now, PolyVista's Self-Service Text Analytics drives social media analysis like never before, enabling you to collect, monitor, and evaluate customer feedback from multiple online sources at the same time and liberating you from the costly, time-consuming upkeep associated with traditional social media analytics services.

The key benefits of Self-Service Text Analytics include:

  1. Providing quick, easy access to interactive PDF (iPDF) reports that illustrate customer behaviors and trends in a reader-friendly format and are based on accurate, user-generated content from multiple online sources.
  2. Delivering iPDF reports in only minutes, ensuring you can make faster, more informed decisions about CX.
  3. Analyzing keywords and phrases across customer and market segments to show you how customers feel and think about your company, its products and services, and more.
  4. Leveraging both structured and unstructured customer feedback from numerous online sources to provide you with actionable insights.
  5. Reducing the amount of time you need to evaluate customer feedback from online sources, enabling you to save time and resources and/or to commit extra time and resources to other business areas.
  6. Enabling you to generate iPDF reports that illustrate customer feedback in an easy-to-understand format at any time.
  7. Offering a free service that can supplement your company's traditional market research efforts (web polls, surveys, etc.) or eliminate the need for these traditional market research efforts entirely.
  8. Replacing the need to mine large customer data sets manually and, instead, providing you with iPDF reports that illustrate customer data using informative charts, graphs, and other accurate, eye-catching visuals.

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