Past Webinars


Making Reviews Useful for Your Online Customers

Presenters: Brian Media and Tony Gilchrist


Reading product reviews is at the core of how consumers shop today. However, they have to spend a lot of time and effort filtering through a misleading 5-star rating system while digging into the mountain of reviews in an attempt to find the product that meets their unique needs. Join us to find out how to leverage advanced computational linguistics to get to the bottom of the mass of reviews, to net out the meaningful information and deliver a shopping experience your customers will enjoy.


Do It for Me: The Next Trend in Analytics

Presenters: Brian Media and Tony Gilchrist


When doing analysis, the typical solution is to build out a highly skilled team and put them to work with a set of tools. While this execution has many advantages, there are also drawbacks that can have a major impact on your business. Do It for Me is the newest analytics delivery method, designed to keep you in control of the delivery of your analytic results but taking all the mundane tasks that go into producing the analysis off your plate.


Gaining Competitive Advantage Using Multiple Data Sources

Presenters: Bob Potts


In today's business world, doing analysis is no longer a nice-to-have operation; it's a must have. In the past, structured data was the standard, but now with the wealth of text data that’s out there, the game is changing. Moreover, online data also allows us a view into our competitors and their customers. We'll share some methods to easily bring more data sources into your analytic environment to help give you that competitive advantage you've been searching for.


Getting Value from Consumer-Generated Content

Presenters: Brian Media


From online reviews to social posts to surveys, consumer-generated content can provide a look inside not only the consumer's thoughts and feelings but – even more importantly – the "why" behind the "what." Understanding that a customer is disappointed is very important, but the real key is deciphering why they are disappointed. If you aren’t an analytics expert, it can be very difficult to derive these insights, but we'll show you that text analytics doesn’t have to be difficult.


Using Social Data for Comparative Analysis

Presenters: Tony Gilchrist


It’s important to be able to compare yourself to your competition; fortunately, there is a wide array of online data sources that allow your customers and your competitors’ customers to leave their opinion. From social media to online reviews to forums/blogs, there is an abundance of data that can give you insight into how your products are viewed against your competition. Now there is an easy way to make sense of all this data without needing to read through it manually.


How to Make Sense of Social Data

Presenters: Brian Media


In the past few years, social media sites have grown tremendously, providing businesses an additional method to collect feedback from their customers and competitors. If you have tried to sift through this feedback in the past, you likely discovered that social analysis can be very burdensome and resource intensive – but it doesn't have to be. We'll talk a little more about social data and its uses, but more importantly, we’ll discuss some methods to derive insights from this data using tools that are both efficient and resource friendly.


How to Understand the Customer Experience

Presenters: Brian Media and Tony Gilchrist


Customer experience (CX) data is everywhere we look these days, but as the data sources are becoming increasingly full of text data, how can you take advantage of this wealth of information if you aren't a text analytics expert? We'll share some examples of how to very quickly find insights from this customer feedback, without costly and time-consuming tool implementations.