About Us

About Us

PolyVista has been providing clients with valuable business intelligence and data analysis solutions since 2001. We’ve been an active part of the “Big Data” revolution. Feedback from our clients has greatly influenced our technology and how we deliver it. We collaborate with our clients and provide our technology packaged with professional services without the extra cost. This means our clients see results more quickly, the quality of their insights are better, they gain the benefits of learning best practices from our guidance and the overall success of the implementation is improved.

Value Proposition

We believe that extracting value from data (big or little) should not be painful
Solution: we provide software and painless full-service analytics.

We believe that sharing of insights with stakeholders should not be painful
Solution: we have created intuitive interfaces packed with insightful visualizations

In conversations with our existing and future customers, we hear a common theme:
They don’t really want software, they want RESULTS

Solution as a Service

  1. We do ALL of the laborious work
  2. You don’t have to learn complex software
  3. Your infrastructure or ours
  4. Results are delivered in one or more user-interfaces
  5. We collaborate to ensure your success

Win-Win Strategy

We do what we're good at – analytics
You do what you're good at – your business