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Comparison Analysis

All of us perform comparison analysis frequently. An example of this type of analysis is the mundane task of choosing a restaurant when going out for a meal with family or friends. Doing so initiates a thought process where we begin to analyze and compare which restaurant offers good-quality food at the right price, has the appropriate ambiance, and has received the best reviews and the highest ratings. Comparison analysis helps us make more informed and thoughtful decisions.

For businesses, comparison analysis is not an entirely dissimilar process where careful thought and examination illuminate clear business opportunities and/or challenges. With the dramatic increase in online customer commentary surrounding products and services, businesses are increasingly looking to extract vital intelligence that will aid in the development of their products and services.

PolyVista's Competitive Pulse is a comprehensive comparison analysis solution designed to help businesses better understand their industry, products, competitors, and customers. PolyVista’s powerful analytics engine does all the heavy lifting by gathering textual data from multiple online sources (social media, product reviews, surveys, chats, contact centers, etc.), analyzing that information, and delivering actionable intelligence to drive and refine product development and customer satisfaction.

Companies like Citibank use Competitive Pulse to obtain actionable intelligence by utilizing a straightforward user interface to identify key analysis results. We offer clients their choice of data reports with or without sentiment, based on a static or dynamic (over time) view of results. The focus is on matching the deliverable with user capability and needs, uncovering actionable insights, and delivering fast time to value.

Competitive Pulse keeps you current with key industry and product issues and helps you achieve these important benefits:

  1. You receive insights that allow you to make timely and correct business decisions that impact efficiency and profitability.
  2. Textual information can be harvested from any source to provide you with the actionable intelligence needed to improve results.
  3. Understanding the customer experience (CX) gives you the feedback necessary to make accurate and informed comparisons.
  4. Visualizations and interfaces allow you to easily identify results at the specific level of detail you need – customizable to your role and function – as well as the role and function of others within your organization.
  5. No in-house technical resources will be required to harvest and crunch the data needed to compile reports.
  6. There are no costly software purchases or maintenance and no risk of software obsolescence or problematic upgrades.
  7. Hidden trends in the data can be automatically discovered – you don’t have to build and maintain rules or predefine a list of words or phrases.
  8. With the right information, you are able to establish the standard by which your products and services are measured in the marketplace.
  9. You will have access to the types of information that others in your industry may not have. This access is the essence of achieving a competitive advantage.

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