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The strength of PolyVista Pro is that it delivers a virtual speed-of-thought analytic experience. The user interface provides an environment where users can interact with their data to:

  1. Confirm assumptions or prior knowledge
  2. Answer specific known or unknown questions
  3. Use prebuilt algorithms to automatically mine their data for new business insights, hidden unknown opportunities, and emerging issues
“It isn't that they can't see the solution. It is that they can't see the problem.”*

G.K. Chesterton
Early 20th-century English writer, poet, philosopher

These results can then be explored to confirm the new finding, and your analysis can be shared with others.

“We used the Discovery algorithm to find things that maybe didn’t make sense. That was kind of the approach we took – if the Discovery algorithm finds something that doesn’t make sense, maybe that’s where we should start digging to see why it triggered,” explained Brian Brown, Vice President of Customer Advocacy and Research for Citibank.

PolyVista Pro seamlessly integrates analytics, visualizations, and data and text mining in one graphical interface.

Discovery is the act of finding something that had not been known before. PolyVista Pro helps users make those discoveries.

Southwest Airlines’ Director of Flight Operational Safety, Tim Logan, said, “PolyVista brings together both our structured (numeric) data and our unstructured (textual) data from our incident reports. It provides an easy-to-use environment that enables our staff to not only ask a

“PolyVista’s software doesn’t get in the way of doing our analysis – it’s transparent to the user.”*

Tim Logan, Southwest Airlines,
Director of Flight Operational Safety

question and get an answer but also automatically guides our users to new and unexpected information hidden in our data. The automated discovery function of PolyVista Pro increases our analysis capabilities without having to add additional staff. It’s like adding really smart and experienced analysts.”

Brian Walker, HP’s Director of Automotive Industries, Worldwide Manufacturing and Distribution Industries, stated, "[PolyVista] reduced the time it takes to detect problems in many product areas from 120 days to 24 hours."

PolyVista Pro has two basic functions: to confirm suspected conditions or situations and to discover unknown or unforeseen conditions and situations. PolyVista Pro fills the gap between reporting and high-end analytics by enabling business users to discover new and valuable business insights hidden in their numerical (structured) and textual (unstructured) data.

Dr. Roberto states, "[Leaders] do not wait for problems to come to them.” They realize "every organization, no matter how successful, has plenty of problems, [and those problems] often lie beneath the surface, hidden from view. They behave much more proactively. They seek out problems. They embrace them...

“Great leaders do not simply know how to solve problems. They know how to find them.”*

Michael A. Roberto, PhD
Know What You Don’t Know

The very best leaders know that speed is critical. The earlier you discover a problem, the more likely you can contain the damage, and the more likely you can solve it readily. Most important of all, successful leaders do not see problems as threats. They see every problem as an opportunity to learn and improve."

PolyVista Pro helps leaders discover opportunities to learn and improve.

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