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Text Analytics

Does your company have what it takes to collect customer feedback and use this information to evaluate customer behaviors and trends? With PolyVista's Text Analytics solution, you can move one step closer to obtaining meaningful customer insights to drive your business forward.

Get a Complete View of Your Customers

Today's business managers must be able to mine blog posts, social media, web polls and surveys, websites and other online sources for customer feedback. However, most business managers are short on time and resources to review a broad assortment of online sources for customer feedback.

At PolyVista, we believe business managers should be able to obtain and evaluate customer feedback with ease. Our Text Analytics solution empowers business managers with the ability to uncover insights into consumer sentiment, the customer experience (CX) and customer behaviors and trends. Thus, business managers can understand the Voice of the Customer (VOC), find out how customers feel about a brand, identify growth opportunities and much more.

PolyVista Offers a Complete Text Analytics Solution

PolyVista's Text Analytics solution enables business managers to discover actionable insights hidden within a customer data set. It organizes all of the customer feedback from multiple online sources into a customer data set that business managers can access at any time. Therefore, our Text Analytics solution ensures business managers can streamline the process of obtaining customer data from across the web.

Drive Business Improvements throughout Your Organization

PolyVista's Data Analysis and Text Analytics tools enable business managers to produce in-depth reports based on customer data sets. That way, business managers in various departments can work together to explore customer behaviors and trends and deploy meaningful enhancements throughout an organization.

Establish Business Priorities

Customer feedback alone won't drive business improvements. Instead, business managers must understand the context of customer feedback to maximize the value of this information.

PolyVista's Text Analytics solution empowers business managers with the ability to quantify customer feedback. As a result, business managers can establish priorities, manage their time and resources accordingly and implement meaningful business improvements based on relevant, timely customer feedback.

Gain Unparalleled Customer Insights

Many traditional text analytics services are manual and rule-based, making it exceedingly difficult for business managers to understand the true value of customer feedback. PolyVista's Text Analytics solution boasts advanced analysis tools and intuitive, user-friendly interfaces. As such, business managers can reap the benefits of superior flexibility and gain unparalleled customer insights based on all of the customer data at their disposal.

Understand the Entire Customer Journey

PolyVista's Text Analytics solution allows business managers to examine the customer journey from the customer's perspective. It enables business managers to use unstructured and structured customer data to perform deep analyses at each stage of the customer journey.

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